business consultancy for the medical aesthetic industry

CPA was founded in 2014 by renowned aesthetic industry expert Sue Thomson. In a short time, CPA have supported several start-up aesthetic manufacturers with highly successful product commercialisation and market entry projects – leading to significant sales uptake and recognition through industry awards

CPA brings a unique blend of industry expertise and commercial strategic knowledge, in addition to an extensive network of industry leaders, experts, suppliers and business services. Working with CPA allows you to fast-track to business success: gaining exclusive access to contacts and opportunities to accelerate growth which would take other companies years to achieve

Having worked at the highest level with top industry manufacturers, we are able to bring big-business thinking and capabilities to your company; whether you are a multinational, start up, clinic or venture capitalist enterprise.


strategy &



From proof of concept to becoming market leaders, CPA assist with planning and achieving your business goals


connecting with customers


From focus groups to sales teams, social media, PR and marketing, CPA ensure that every touch point with your customer is targeted, on message and compliant


coaching & management


Using a wealth of knowledge built upon many years of working within the pharmaceutical and medical aesthetic industries, CPA tailor programmes to fit each organisation’s specific development needs

our ethos

“We use our years of aesthetic and medical industry expertise to help clients achieve the business results they’ve always wanted: looking beyond immediate goals to ensure we create the foundation for lasting success, growth and expansion.”